Interviewing Peter Weygandt (Part 3 of 4)

Posted by | Posted in Videos | Posted on 05-23-2012

This week, I’ve been posting pieces of our four-part video interview with wine importer Peter Weygandt.

In Part 1, published Monday, we discussed how Peter fell in love with wine and why he decided to start importing and retailing. In Part 2, published yesterday, Peter explained how he finds new producers and offered his thoughts on France’s 2011 harvest.

In Part 3, Peter talks about his favorite wines and offers some advice for those who are looking to get acquainted with European wines.

Enormous thanks to Lisa Mathias, our videographer.

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  1. Thanks for posting the videos. Can you confirm where the Weygandt store is located? I would like to visit. Thanks. -Chris

  2. Chris,

    Weygandt Wines is located in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington, DC, at 3519 Connecticut Avenue.