For Easy Summertime Drinking, Reach for Txakolina

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Uriondo vineyard in Zaratamo Spain. Source: De Maison Selections.

Uriondo vineyard in Zaratamo Spain. Source: De Maison Selections.

As regular readers know, I write a free, twice monthly wine column that’s distributed to newspapers across the country.

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In my latest column, I explain why Txakolina — a slightly sparkling white wine from Spain — is the perfect wine for summertime drinking.

For Easy Summertime Drinking, Reach for Txakolina

With summer approaching, the frequency of poolside barbeques, lazy picnics, and late nights on the patio is rising just as quickly as the mercury. This means lots more time outside, and consequently, a different cocktail menu.

Summertime drinking is about simplicity. Easy drinking beers like Budweiser, Corona, and Pabst Blue Ribbon pair perfectly with hot dogs and hamburgers. Pitcher drinks like sangria are quick and always a hit. Premixed frozen cocktails like strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas eliminate prep time and transport guests to the tropics.

For wine enthusiasts, finding the perfect summertime match can be daunting. With wine, simple has become synonymous with cheap — and serious oenophiles steer clear of mass-produced plonk. For outdoor entertaining, though, the good stuff is typically too expensive — and too fussy. Just as no one sniffs and savors a PBR, it’s nice to enjoy a glass of wine every now and then without taking things too seriously.

This summer, I’ll be reaching for Txakolina. Also known as “Txakoli,” the wine is unpretentious and refreshing — and virtually every bottle is well under $20. While the spelling suggests a tongue twister, “Txakolina” actually rolls right off the tongue. Say it with me: “Cha-koh-lee-na.”

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