Daily Wine News: Yeasty Revelations

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-14-2023

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford explores the importance and beauty of yeast in winemaking. “Yeast is, with grape juice, the progenitor of wine. It is not neutral, abstract, a twinkly wand that transforms in a trice. It’s a complex mass of fungus chomping its way though sugar, excreting alcohol and CO2, then eventually dying and dumping its necropolis at the bottom of the vat. It’s an upheaval, a revolution. Wine is the name of a changed state.”

In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox looks at how climate change is affecting the tradition of bâtonnage. “Even with cooling influences, temperatures overall are going up, making bâtonnage less of an asset.”

Dave McIntyre explains why lighter wine bottles are good for planet and good for consumers in the Washington Post.

In Them, Leah Kirts profiles the worker-owners behind Vermont’s Kalchē Wine Cooperative.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague highlights five “Big Wine Books,” which she defines as ambitious, sizable, and comprehensive.

In VinePair, April Louis profiles Remy Drabkin or Oregon’s Remy Wines.

And in New Jersey Monthly, I look at the rise of unoaked Chardonnay.

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