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(Source: We the People)

In Wine-Searcher, Liza B. Zimmerman delves into the issues surrounding the new We the People wine brand. “Winery owners have always held their own political values, but most of them have done so discreetly. At a time when the United States, and the world, is dealing with massive political upheaval and a pandemic, it is an odd time to launch such a strongly positioned brand. Such an outright push for “freedom” at any cost also seems to be out of touch with how many of the world’s residents feel about the storming of the American capital on January 6, and the fact that the Covid epidemic is leaving more bodies in its wake – particularly states that seem to prioritize “freedom” over health and safety.”

“When a region’s wine identity is so intrinsically tied to cool climate, what happens when it changes?” Anna Lee C. Iijima reports on how the last two decades have affected German wine regions in Wine Enthusiast.

Deals by private-equity funds to invest in wineries, vineyards and distributors have risen 75% in 2021 so far, compared with last year, reports the Wall Street Journal. (paywall)

Chasity Cooper profiles sommelier turned Skurnik wine rep Etinosa Emokpae in the Philadelphia Inquirer. ““Wine is more than just a beverage — it encompasses culture, history, and so many other facets that make it noteworthy.”

NBC looks at how NBA players are helping drive diversity in the wine industry through ownership and advocacy.

Mateus, the wine that seduced dictators and rock stars, is roaring back according to Henry Jeffreys in the Drop.

“Angelina Jolie has sold her 50 percent stake in Château Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of the Stoli Group, for an undisclosed sum. That makes the drinks group partners with Jolie’s ex-husband on the Provençal rosé winery,” reports Wine Spectator.

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