Daily Wine News: Smoke Show

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In Wine Enthusiast, Kate Dingwall looks at how White Pinot Noir is emerging amidst wildfires in Oregon and British Columbia. “While Pinot Noir is famously known as the heartbreak grape for its inability to adapt to change, it’s arguably time to reconsider the moniker. Going back decades, white Pinot Noir has proved a solution for West Coast winemakers under duress.”

Oliver Styles is also thinking about Pinot Noir in Wine-Searcher, namely why you can’t approach a glass of it like you would another red wine such as Syrah or Cabernet.

In the World of Fine Wine, Andrew Jefford explores dry Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, and wonders why the ones from Saumur, Vouvray and Montlouis are overlooked.

Reduced planting density initiative was approved in Champagne, reports Decanter, bringing the mandatory density planting of 8,000 vines per hectare down to approximately 6,000.

Alfonso Cevola is feeling the effects of inflation. “We…find ourselves looking at wines costing $200, watches costing $20,000 and cigars costing $100. Something’s gotta give…The thing is, for many of us, wine and watches, and to a lesser extent, cigars, are everyday items. Common things. Something that we think are within our grasp. But when they start becoming unattainable, even for folks with a little money in their bank accounts, what is it saying about who we are as a people?”

According to the Drinks Business, a joint project between the Cité du Vin de Bordeaux and China, the gargantuan Universal Wine Museum in Beijing is set to open its doors to the public in 2024.

PUNCH predicts the drinks trends that will shape this fall.

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