Daily Wine News: Regenerative Wine

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-16-2022

Sheep grazing in a vineyard. (Flickr: Stefano Lubiana)

Does regenerative farming make a better-tasting wine? Esther Mobley reports on some promising results in the San Francisco Chronicle. “Undoubtedly, convincing all those growers to radically change the way they farm will take time. And it may take longer still to effectively communicate to wine drinkers what “regenerative” means — and why they might want to seek out wines made this way. But Thompson thinks it’s only a matter of time before the ever-harsher effects of climate change begin to force the choice.”

In Wine-Searcher, W. Blake Gray explores how price hikes for tasting room visits in California are turning off Wine Country visitors. “While wine country hoteliers and restaurants may not be happy, wineries aren’t likely to be too upset…There are fewer visitors, but they’re spending more. For most wineries, that is a very conscious trade-off.

In Wine Enthusiast, Kathleen Willcox charts the rise of micro-managed cover crops in the battle against climate change.

Growers see good wine vintage for Europe, stable volumes despite droughts, reports Reuters.

How much revenue do states get from DTC shipping? Wine Business takes a look at the numbers.

In the New York Times, Priya Krishna pens an obituary for Fred Franzia.

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