Daily Wine News: Plastic Problems

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-02-2022

Miquel Hudin on the problem with alternative wine bottle formats. “This is what terrifies me about a push to using plastics in any form for wine bottles. In all these interviews I was told that these soft plastics, such as the liners or bottles, can indeed be recycled. The catch is that the mechanisms just aren’t there and I have considerable worry that they never will be…There seems to be more interest in finding new ways to bring plastic into consumer purchases with absolutely no thought given as to what to do about the resulting waste.” 

With so many of the world’s finest wines grown on limestone and its relatives, it’s no wonder that many winemakers see it as the dream soil for viticulture. But is its exalted reputation justified? Alex Maltman explores limestone’s important in the World of Fine Wine.

Jancis Robinson talks to winemakers about how the pandemic has changed their outlook on winemaking and/or vineyard work.

In TRINK, Nils Kevin Puls explores the rosé experimentation happening in Germany and Austria.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a funding bill this past week that would provide an additional $5 million for the USDA to continue research into how wine grapes are affected by wildfire smoke exposure.

A hot and dry summer means grapes in Sonoma County are coming off vines far sooner than expected. Lucy Simon reports on California’s 2022 harvest kickoff in Food & Wine.

In the Drop, Janice Williams offers tips for finding age-worthy birth year wines.

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