Daily Wine News: New Directions

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-30-2023

England built a reputation on Champagne-style sparkling wines, but could a lurch towards Prosecco derail its progress? James Lawrence takes a look in Wine-Searcher.

In the Wall Street Journal, Tom Downy reports on the growing contingent of Japanese winemakers vinifying wines in New Zealand that taste nothing like the classic local varieties.

In Club Oenologique, David Kermode explores the “ephemeral nature” of unfiltered sherry.

Orin Swift winemaker Dave Phinney speaks to the Drinks Business about the advantages of the California AVA, how Merlot can recover from “the Sideways effect,” and why there is a mummy on one of his wine labels.

In the World of Fine Wine, Rod Phillips argues that the years post-French Revolution were a time of era-defining progress for French wine.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley explores why Meyye Wines winemaker Rob Campbell uses Coast Miwok — an Indigenous language that was almost lost — on his wine labels.

“…the range of spaces popping up across New York City described as “wine bars” calls the definition of what a wine bar is into question,” says Hannah Staab in VinePair.

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