Daily Wine News: Mouse & More

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“The thing that has made mouse more than just your standard-issue wine flaw, though, isn’t just its pervasiveness, but its connection to natural winemaking. It has been wielded as grounds for dismissal, a way to paint natural winemakers as unclean, flawed and inconsistent, not to mention stubbornly dogmatic. But the more one investigates mouse, the clearer it becomes that the quality is more nuanced, and more transient, than originally understood. Instead of being an unfixable problem, it begins to appear more like a flaw in how the wine is understood and contextualized.” In PUNCH, John McCarroll delves into natural wine’s biggest flaw: mousiness.

Think wine advertising is sexist today? The San Francisco Chronicle’s Esther Mobley looks back on the newspaper’s wine section during the height of World War II, when the wine industry marketed to housewives.

In Wine Spectator, April Louis talks with Brandi Carlile, who launched Washington-based to raise money for her nonprofit and bring new people to wine.

Retired NBA basketball star Tony Parker has acquired a wine estate and château just outside Avignon in southern France’s Rhône valley, reports Oliver Styles in Wine-Searcher.

In Wine Enthusiast, Jill Barth highlights some of Vienna’s iconic wine taverns, called heurigers.

Also in Wine Enthusiast, a guide to Thanksgiving wine.

The “best of 2022” lists are already rolling in: VinePair shares their top 50 wines of the year, as does R.H. Drexel on JebDunnuck.com.

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