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In Refinery29, Sadhbh O’Sullivan explores how Instagram contributed to making wine an aspirational lifestyle choice. “The way many people see wine has shifted. Funky, natural wines have risen in popularity and orange wine has gone from curiosity to mainstay. The bottle is as much a feature as the wine itself and your mates who previously drank solely IPAs have started talking seriously about maceration and sulphur dioxide. The old image of wine on social media is still there – in Instagram stories and wine mum memes on Facebook – but a new, aesthetically and environmentally conscious wine consumer has taken hold. Their birthplace, more than anywhere else, was Instagram.”

According to winemakers in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, stocks of Sauvignon Blanc are running precariously low, due to a pitiful harvest in 2021, coupled with rising global demand, reports James Lawrence, who recommends from alternatives in the Drop.

A wine made from soybeans has arrived. “Taste-wise, it felt like a diluted amontillado – very supple on the palate, with subtle nutty and doughy flavors. For oenophiles, it may be too much of a stretch to accept Sachi as a wine, given its lack of body structure and tannins; a characteristic that also makes it very challenging to pair with heavy or rich food. However, it seems to work very well with all kinds of cheeses – as demonstrated during a pairing – as its gentle umami notes accentuate the taste of the dairy snacks.”

In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox looks at the ways in which growers are using “weird but effective” approaches to beat vineyard pests without chemical poisons.

Wine Spectator remembers longtime senior editor Kim Marcus, who died unexpectedly on Tuesday.

The line between wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and alternatives is becoming increasingly blurred. In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph shares his opinion on the subject.

Grape Collective talks with Nine Oaks partner and creative director Anna Addison about classic Georgian viticulture, the unique grape varieties native to the area, and natural winemaking in Kakheti.

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