Daily Wine News: Inflation Hits

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-07-2022

In Thrillist, Janice Williams reports on how inflation is affecting by-the-glass wine prices across the country. “Inflation doesn’t affect the general price of alcohol and wine like other consumer products…Rather, it’s bars and restaurants specifically where costs have ballooned due to inflation as sort of a trickle-down effect of the rising prices of nearly everything else.”

In the best conditions for grape growing in Portugal, the latest generation of Dão vignerons is making red and white wines that fully live up to the region’s historic reputation as the “Burgundy of the South,” says Paul White in the World of Fine Wine.

In Wine Enthusiast, Christina Pickard looks at how Australia’s Riverland wine region is rethinking its bulk wine model.

Wine Industry Advisor catches up with wine writer Brian Freedman, author of the new book Crushed: How a Changing Climate Is Altering the Way We Drink.

Tina Caputo put together “The Eye-Roller’s Guide to the 2022 Wine Enthusiast Holiday Catalog.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy recommends 50 wines under $50 (out of the 2,481 wines she tasted this year).

On Tasting Table, Samantha Maxwell offers a beginner’s guide to Georgian wines.

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