Daily Wine News: Homogenization

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“The job of a winemaking consultant was not always so common. It used to be that every winery, pretty much, employed a regular winemaker: a full-time employee who worked for just one company…That started to change around 1995…” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley on the homogenization of Napa Valley wines. “This economic reality has driven a situation where more of Napa’s wines are becoming concentrated in the hands of fewer winemakers. It’s led many observers to wonder: Is that making all of Napa’s wines taste the same?”

In the latest volume of TRINK, Valeria Kathawala offers an insider’s guide to Württemberg Riesling. “Hidden here are some of the greatest terroirs for Riesling anywhere, still far too little known…It has taken a long time for the region’s growers to be taken seriously. But in a way, Württemberg’s relative international anonymity and built-in customer base has been a useful cloak under which to work, quietly but purposefully. Now these growers are ready for the global spotlight.”

Wine Enthusiast publicly announces new tasters for Italy, reassigns iconic California beats, and will begin reviewing hard sellers and ready-to-drink beverages.

Of all the areas where Rhône varieties have been imported, South Africa is increasingly reputed. In Club Oenologique, Malu Lambert digs deep into its terroirs.

On MarthaStewart.com, Sarah Tracey explores frizzante wines.

In Epicurious, Danny Chau explains how to make vinegar with leftover wine.

In the Drop, Vicki Denig offers a guide to dessert wines.

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