Daily Wine News: Growing Pains

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In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox explores the rise of American bubbly. “Once considered the sunnier, cheaper and cheesier alternative to the real deal, more and more quality sparkling wine is emerging from the US, especially in California and Oregon. Frequently made on a small scale, in the Méthode Champenoise, from estate grapes (often harvested organically), some see grower sparklers filling the gap created by the logistical and climactic challenges experienced in Champagne.”

Virginia’s wine industry is expanding. “Over the last 10 years, 90 new wineries have opened across the state, which now lists a total of 281 businesses in the directory maintained by the Virginia Wine Board,” reports Kate Masters in the Virginia Mercury. And yet local grape-growing hasn’t caught up with demand. “As the push for locally grown grapes continues to expand, there’s been a focus on Southern and Southwest Virginia, former tobacco territory that’s still working to find its future footing.

When it comes to child-rearing, says Jess Lander in Wine Business, female winemakers and viticulturists need more support, flexibility and company policies in place.

Can wine really ever be natural? Robert Millman says no. “Wines never make themselves. The “natural” destiny of grapes is to become ripe, fall to the ground and either be eaten or for the juice in the grapes to start fermenting spontaneously (naturally), turning eventually into vinegar. So, if we define “nature” as that which develops by itself without any intervention, then wine as wine cannot be natural.”

Could fortified wines be Michigan’s answer to climate change? Julia Coney investigates in VinePair.

Are you part of the Italian wine trade—or any overseas wine trade—looking to come to America right now? Alfonso Cevola warns you not to.

Tom Work highlights “11 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Wine Industry in 2022.”

Norm Roby explores the diverse wines of the Rogue Valley.

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