Daily Wine News: Frost Damage

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-24-2023

(Source: Matthew Spaccarelli?Wine Enthusiast)

In Wine Enthusiast, Christina Pickard talks to New York winemakers across the state about the unprecedented frost they experienced last week. “In the early hours of May 18th, temperatures across the northeast plummeted below freezing—breaking all records and putting New York State crops at risk. New York is the third-largest wine producing region in the U.S., and the damage is still being assessed. Still, many are already calling it the worst freeze the state has seen in decades. The freeze came after an April that saw record highs, with four consecutive days over 80°F.”

In Decanter, Maiah Johnson Dunn also looks at how Finger Lakes winemakers were affected by  the frost. “It may take time for the full impact to be known, but early reports suggested the damage has varied by hectare, with loss ranging from zero for a lucky few to 100% for some.”

On PennLive.com, Paul Vigna assesses the damage for East Coast wineries in the aftermath of last week’s late season frost.

With their hunt for alternative grapes, Steve Matthiasson and like-minded winemakers show that California can do so much more than it’s known for, reports Robert Camuto in Wine Spectator.

In the World of Fine Wine, Sarah Marsh explores the wine scene in the northern part of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

David Williams picks pét-nats for summer in the Guardian.

In Axios, John Frank looks at the state of Colorado’s wine industry.

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