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A worked hand harvesting grapes. (Wikimedia)

“There is a small but significant difference between sustainable and ethical production. The former, which is the current buzzword, concerns itself with environmental factors. And of course, it’s imperative that we question producers about the impact of their carbon footprint (and what they are doing about it). But we should also be looking at the societal impact too. After all, wine is a pleasure to drink, so why would we want to taint it with unpleasant practices?” In Club Oenologique, Aleesha Hansel explains what’s at the heart of ethical winemaking.

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov talks about how the diversity of wines has transformed since he started covering the industry. “These days, I am getting a lot more disgruntled people who think that no wine is worth more than $5 and that anything more is for gullible elites. Wine is very intimidating, so it tends to reflect a political divide.”

Australia’s Treasury Wine Estates warned that inflation was squeezing demand for its commercial-grade wine and driving up packaging costs, sending its shares nearly 8% lower.

Sustainability has become mainstream and is a crucial factor in wine production and sales. But how can credible sustainable customer engagement be achieved? Michael Bernecker shares his thoughts in Meininger’s.

On JebDunnuck’s site, R.H. Drexel catches up with Jessica Gasca, winemaker and owner of Story of Soil in Santa Barbara County.

Charlie Leary explores the historical importance of color and clarity in wine on Time Atkin’s site.

VinePair selects their best rosé wines of 2023.

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