Daily Wine News: Changing Landscapes

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-03-2021

Rising temperatures and the risk of wildfires have led some wineries to grow different types of grapes. And some regions that were long overlooked are now producing notable wines. In the New York Times, Paul Sullivan reports on how climate change is impacting wine.

Also in the New York Times, Eric Asimov pays tribute to Becky Wasserman. “Ms. Wasserman understood Burgundy. She understood wine and she understood people. And she could explain things in a way that was enlightening, offering not just answers but insights.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley is ready to talk about chillable reds. “Since the prime candidates for “chillable red” designation tend to be lighter-bodied, you might assume that fuller-bodied reds aren’t suited to chilling. I’m here to tell you that is false. Big, bold reds — Cabernet Sauvignons, Syrahs, Zinfandels — need to chill too, maybe even more than leaner reds do.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Nils Bernstein looks at Baja’s long winemaking history.

Kathleen Willcox explores the future of hybrid grapes in Wine Industry Advisor.

In the Robb Report, Caroline Hatchett on why the Jura is the next hot region for young collectors.

In Food & Wine, Mike Pomranz reports on how a new French oil company is making their new racing fuel from things “such as wine lees and grape pomace.”

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