Daily Wine News: Cava & Objectivity

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-01-2021

Amidst movements to leave the Cava DO, the denomination has introduced new, quality-minded regulations. Can it change the perception of Spain’s most famous sparkling wine? Courtney Schiessl Magrini explores the issue in SevenFifty Daily.

Jamie Goode ponders objectivity in wine tasting, using sculptures as a way to argue that it does exist. “Yes, we may differ in how we perceive the sculpture: we may be standing in a different place, or we may be paying less or more attention, and we may or may not know the story referred to, or the intention of the sculptor. The fact that we may differ from others in our perception of the sculpture, or that our perception may change according to our perspective, doesn’t prevent this sculpture from being real.”

In VinePair, Beth Demmon reports on how excitement for natural wine and craft beer is helping fuel a second act for cider.

A recent study shows that customers tend to switch brands quickly once they were unable to purchase a product. In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph on what the findings mean for the wine industry.

In Wine Enthusiast, Virginie Boone offers a guide to Cabernet Sauvignon clones around the world.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley breaks down what the biodynamic scene in Succession means.

In the Drop, David M. Brown delves into what the size of bubbles in sparkling wine does—and doesn’t—tell you about the quality of what’s in your glass.

Norm Roby explores the wines of Canada’s Okanagan Valley, and offers a guide for traveling through the region.

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