Daily Wine News: Bottleshock

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-10-2022

Vitisphere reports that low supplies of transparent bottles for white and rosé wines is “a nightmare.” “…stories of postponed bottling due to lack of bottles, or foil caps or labels, were rife, as were the multiple causes explaining supply tensions. These include low inventories at glass manufacturers since the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine along with less publicised causes such as strikes in factories and stockpiling worsening the crisis.”

The ongoing tariff dispute between Australia and China has led to millions of grapes being left to rot at vineyards across the country, despite a good vintage, reports Sarah Neish in the Drinks Business.

What does it mean that Napa Valley is too pricey for the Wall Street Journal? Jason Haas has some thoughts. “Whatever the downstream results, it seems clear that Napa Valley has set itself up for a future with higher, and perhaps dramatically higher, prices for visitors. With that, it seems inevitable that some wine lovers who are turned off by the change will decide to branch out and come to places like Paso Robles, where creating life-long customers for our wine remains the primary focus.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Noel Burgess explores the term “riddling” in wine.

Jamie Goode highlights the wines of Javi Revert, “a star of the ‘new Spain.’”

In VinePair, Pamela Vachon explores the wines of Baja California, Mexico’s primary wine region.

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