Off the Beaten Path: Inwood Estates (TX)

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Today I’m excited to debut what I hope will be a semi-regular series here at Terroirist that features tasting notes written about wines from “lesser known” wine regions of the United States.

Having spent five years tasting my way through Virginia’s wine country, I gained an appreciation for the wines of the Commonwealth and found myself wondering what else is out there. I figured a series profiling some wineries that are “off the beaten path” would be fun.

This curiosity brought me to Texas (via the Internet), where I learned about Inwood Estates Vineyards and Wineries. Read the rest of this entry »

Recent Uncorkings: Bacon in Your Glass

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Swirl it and take a big whiff.  It smells. Like. BACON. According to the winemaker, you may also get hints of “blueberry, dark fruit, smoke, black licorice, spices with hints of rasperry and dark cherry. ” But personally, I pick up distinctive aromas of delicious pork product.

Take a sip.  There is a certain earthiness that resembles the gritty, yet rich taste of…potato skins.  Not kidding.

Now, I’ve never been to Idaho, but my experience of this wine matches up perfectly with how I’d imagine the terroir of the state.  Sawtooth Syrah is a savory, slightly spicy, and authentically pleasant wine from the unexpected state of Idaho. It’s a great sipping wine after a long day, especially if you want to forget about said long day — it’s 14.9% alcohol.  It would also be good with grilled meats (bacon-wrapped filet anyone?) or a big baked potato. 🙂

Details of Sawtooth Syrah

Blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvedre and Viognier

Retails between $8-16 depending on vintage and where you get it. A small price to pay for the smell of bacon in your glass.

Available in DC at Whole Foods on P Street, Whole Foods in Arlington, and Modern Liquor on 9th and P NW.