Book Review: Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux

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I wish I were exploring wine regions right now. But, with an out of control pandemic, especially here in the States, I’m not going anywhere. Luckily, I’ve enjoyed some new wine books to satiate my desire to travel again.

One of my last big wine trips was to Bordeaux. It was actually my first time visiting, and I was finally able to explore the beautiful city and a bunch of different appellations. It was a much overdue time spent immersing myself in the wine, food and culture, and I met a lot of interesting people and visited some beautiful chateaux. Everyone knows Bordeaux, but a new book “Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux” offers anyone a chance to plan their own Bordeaux getaway in post-pandemic times.

Michael Higgins’ new book, which came out last month, seems like it has plenty of helpful information for Bordeaux novices and experts alike. An author, publisher and photojournalist, he also took the photographs for this book. And — wow — his talent shows. The book is packed with photographs, quite tastefully shot and arranged, with excellent clarity and depth. From classic vineyard views, to winemaking in action, food porn and architecture, Higgins’ hundreds of photos are a real star of the show.

This is not a Bordeaux wine history book. There are no detailed maps of appellations or soils, and there are plenty of books for that. Rather, this is a hefty number full of detailed information on specific chateaux and places to visit in Bordeaux, broken down region by region.

When profiling specific producers, Higgins’ manages to keep them interesting by focusing on a unique hook about each chateau to draw in readers, weaving in the history of a place with its modern approach. You’ll find your favorite chateaux in here, and likely a lot of ones you don’t know. And the information on the all wines they produce is detailed and precise.

There’s lots of helpful tourist information, with plenty of suggestions on restaurants and accommodations in different parts of this expansive wine region. Higgins also points out cultural and natural sites worth exploring, from Acheron’s delicious oysters, to nude beaches, to museums and historic points of interest.

It’s a big, 494-page tome packed with helpful information, so it isn’t necessarily an easy read. But for anyone looking to plan a trip to Bordeaux like a pro, it seems like you would have more than enough information, all in one place, to craft many memorable trips… sometime in the future.

“Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux, France” by Michael Higgins
U.S. paperback price: $44.95
Publisher: International Exploration Society
Available at Exploring Wine Regions and Amazon
Released October 2020

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