Daily Wine News: Summer of Piquette?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-12-2021

Bottles of piquette. (Source: Wild Arc Farm)

This will not be the summer of piquette, says Tim McKirdy in VinePair. “The fact remains that most drinkers have never heard of it; only a fraction of the wineries in the U.S. have experimented with the style; and even if more enter the fray, it’s highly unlikely that most consumers are ready for its challenging flavor profile — no matter how many write-ups place it as quaffable and refreshing.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Aleks Zecevic looks at how Austria grew to be a leader in the natural wine movement. “Austria has a long history of environmental consciousness… What sets these natural wines apart is their lack of technical flaws like volatile acidity, signs of Brettanomyces and “mousiness,” undesired traits for which natural wines are often criticized.”

In Food & Wine, Helena Fitzgerald shares an essay about how her relationship with her wine-loving parents changed when she stopped drinking. “Wine was how to mark celebrations and occasions—how could we really know something mattered, or had happened, or was worth celebrating, if we weren’t having a glass of wine about it, if we didn’t open a special and particular bottle? How were we supposed to celebrate anything, to make any occasion, if we couldn’t use this language to do so?”

In the Drop, Amber Gibson explores Oregon’s new sparkling wine chapter. “In the past decade, the region has produced some of the most exciting sparkling wines in the U.S. And that success is largely due to the work of one man.”

On JancisRobinson.com, Anthony Hanson shares some updates on Burgundy’s 2021 growing season.

As America’s restaurants fully reopen, sommeliers who lost jobs are now making critical career choices. Roger Morris talks to a handful of wine pros about their decisions in Meininger’s.

In Vinous, Eric Guido highlights wine treasures of Italy’s Southern Adriatic and Ionian Coasts.

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