Daily Wine News: Restaurant Wine Clubs Are Sticking Around

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-16-2021

Photo by Louis Hansel via Unsplash

In Wine Enthusiast, Emily Saladino reports on how restaurant wine clubs started as a pandemic pivot are sticking around. “Restaurants create wine clubs for an array of reasons. Some do it to build loyalty. Others use it to distribute allocated bottles. Some simply want steady income in a notoriously unpredictable business. During the darkest days of the pandemic, wine clubs provided a means of survival for some beleaguered restaurants and linked up isolated patrons.”

Rob McMillan offers an update on his 2021 prediction of greater wine sales. “I don’t like it but…it’s true. I might have missed on a prediction that I made…In making my prediction of positive sales growth this year, I postulated if growth was zero at the start of 2021, growth should be something more than zero as we moved into a better economy, but thus far in 2021, that’s not turning out.”

Meininger’s reports on a dispute over sparking wine bottle capsules between VDP vintner Peter Laurer Winery and the German wine control. “According to EU law, sparkling wine bottles must be covered with a foil capsule, according to the wine controller’s point of view. In Lauer’s view, however, the capsules serve no purpose whatsoever and are nothing more than unnecessary waste and therefore harmful to the environment.”

Emma Mannheimer explores the world of sparkling red wines in Imbibe Magazine.

In SevenFifty Daily, Domaine Dujac’s Diana Snowden Seysses explains how producers can become key players in the future of green fuel by working together to trap CO2 during vinification.

In Grape Collective, Lisa Denning looks at how Jean-Luc Colombo’s passion for vin de garde, wine for aging, helped transform the Cornas appellation.

In the Santa Barbara Independent, Matt Kettmann profiles winemaker Michael Brughelli. “Unlike wines of a similar price tag, such as Sine Qua Non or Saxum, Brughelli’s wines put the emphasis on elegance rather than power.”

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