Daily Wine News: No to Nouveau

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-09-2021

In Wine Enthusiast, Janice Williams looks at how Beaujolais Nouveau won—then lost—generations of U.S. wine drinkers. “Nouveau became a victim of its own success in America. Sure, it was a great source of income and recognition for Beaujolais, but producers and distributors relied too heavily on the revenue from one specific style of wine… For most U.S. consumers, Beaujolais was synonymous with Nouveau. Once they lost interest in that wine, the entire region fell out of favor.”

“But among those in our industry who place so much emphasis on terroir, shouldn’t we be concerned with the livelihood of terroir’s principal stewards? Those who spend the most time with the fruit? Shouldn’t our definition of “responsible farming” include not just environmentally beneficial practices, but humane practices that consider the workers themselves?” Katy Severson reflects on the issue of labor in wine. “It’s undeniable that the wine industry flourished as a result of human exploitation. And this early model arguably informs the way viticulture still functions today.”

“There’s nothing unusual about a winemaker changing jobs, but what happens when an entire winemaking team jumps ship to another winery? That’s just what happened in Washington wine country this week,” reports Tim Fish in Wine Spectator. “Three winemakers from Quilceda Creek, the state’s most elite Cabernet producer, were lured away by Matthews Winery.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley admits being impressed by Idaho wines.

In the Drinks Business, James Lawrence considers whether white Burgundy is pricing itself out of the market, and if so, how other premium whites are keeping up.

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov explores the beauty of Savoie whites.

Angelina Jolie reportedly wants out of the wine business. “Angie allegedly has a buyer on the line for Miraval, and she doesn’t want to lose them.”

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