Daily Wine News: Dwindling Supplies

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-19-2021

In the New York Times, global warming reporter Christopher Flavelle looks at how climate change is affecting California wine country. “In Napa Valley, the lush heartland of America’s high-end wine industry, climate change is spelling calamity. Not outwardly: On the main road running through the small town of St. Helena, tourists still stream into wineries with exquisitely appointed tasting rooms…But drive off the main road, and the vineyards that made this valley famous — where the mix of soil, temperature patterns and rainfall used to be just right — are now surrounded by burned-out landscapes, dwindling water supplies and increasingly nervous winemakers, bracing for things to get worse.”

“Champagne is facing one of the biggest changes since the appellation was founded, as the controlling body seeks to lower the number of vines per hectare.” Caroline Henry shares the new changes in Wine-Searcher.

Whatever happened to Gouais Blanc, the mother of all wines? Meg Maker explores the grape’s history in the Drop.

In Food & Wine, Sherri McGee McCovey highlights the Natural Action Wine Club, a group that aims to provide direct channels of support to BIPOC pursuing careers in wine, while holding the industry accountable for its lack of diversity.

In Modern Farmer, I offer a beginner’s guide to growing your own backyard wine grapes.

Lauren Mowery offers five alternatives to Western European wine vacations in Wine Enthusiast, as well as a guide to Armenia, one of the world’s oldest wine regions.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague goes looking for Pinot Grigios with personality. (subscription req.)

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