Daily Wine News: Cab Franc Comeback

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-15-2021

Cabernet Franc. (WIkimedia)

“Marginalized by Bordeaux’s appellations; derided by winemakers; subjugated by Merlot – Cabernet Franc’s history is less than glorious.” In Wine-Searcher, Margaret Rand looks at Cabernet Franc’s future in Bordeaux. “But as global warming continues to shake-up European viticulture, a growing firmament of producers are willing to give Cabernet Franc a second chance.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley reports on the wine-tasting collectives popping up in the Bay Area, a new business model that allows multiple wineries to use one tasting room. “These collective tasting rooms aren’t a brand-new concept… But at least five new ones have opened during the past year, a reflection of how important tasting rooms have become to a small winery’s business model. For vintners, these cooperative arrangements make opening a tasting room significantly more affordable in Wine Country’s competitive real estate market.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Jess Lander explores whether the wine industry is ready for cryptocurrency.

In the Drop, Emily Monaco looks at how French vignerons are rediscovering overlooked and undervalued ancestral grapes.

“Why is it that some sparkling wines glide like fluffy meringues whilst others seem to fizz and froth like an angry jacuzzi?” Tom Hewson explores bubble science on Tim Atkin’s site.

In VinePair, David Nilsen looks at the new wave of American wine-inspired beers.

In the Long Island Press, Kristen Catalano toasts the women winemakers on the East End.

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