Daily Wine News: TX Wine Labeling Law

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The Texas Legislature passed a new wine labeling law. On WineBusiness.com, Michelle Williams shares the details: “Labels listing a county designation must include 75% grapes from within the stated county, with the remaining 25% from within Texas. Labels listing an American Viticultural Area (AVA) must include 85% grapes from within the stated AVA, with the remaining 15% from within Texas. Labels listing a vineyard designation must contain 95% grapes from within the stated vineyard, with the remaining 5% from within Texas. Labels stating only Texas may include up to 25% grapes from outside of the state.”

On JancisRobinson.com, Caroline Gilby profiles the powerful women of Bulgarian wine. “The restructuring of the industry after privatisation, with the loss of the large state Vinproms in favour of small estates and private projects, has also been significant factor in bringing women out of the shadows. This created opportunities for winemakers who were able to multi-task and allowed many women to shine (though this is not to say there aren’t some great male winemakers in the new era too).”

Denied property insurance, Napa Valley wineries are “extremely vulnerable” this fire season, reports Sarah Klearman in the Napa Valley Register.

It’s time to stop comparing English sparkling wine to Champagne, says David Kermode in Club Oenologique.

Wine Country is roaring back to life, and fine dining restaurants are in high demand, reports Ellen Fort in Eater.

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford discusses Kylie Minogue’s rosé wines with the star.

In Wine Enthusiast, Matt Kettmann explores Paso Robles’ renaissance of crisp and clean white wines.

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