Daily Wine News: Buying Wine Online

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-17-2021

Online wine buying is here to stay, says Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post.

As we enter what some are calling “the golden age of wine online,” services are springing up to make the experience more enjoyable, with the aim of tailoring bottle selections to individual needs, preferences and budgets. Megan Carnegie takes a look at some of the wine-matching services in Club Oenologique.

Wildfire season has come early to California, with the state receiving its first May red flag warning since 2014 due to unseasonably high temperatures and strong winds.

Jamie Goode ponders personal preferences versus professional evaluation, and explains why we need to distinguish them. “This is why the idea of a wine competition judged by consumers – which sounds appealing to some – is quite a bad idea. Judging wine – professional evaluation – is a different activity to expressing personal preference. Inexperienced judges, lacking skills and competencies that take work and time to achieve, are likely to produce inconsistent and random results.”

In Wine-Searcher, Oliver Styles explores the aromas involved in winemaking. “I know it’s coming but it still somehow feels serendipitous, a seasonal joy, something of the miracle of existence: the first smell of fermenting grapes… From the ridiculous to sublime, one of the best harvest odors in a winery is that of new oak. Every year, it is irresistible.”

In Beverage Daily, Jamie Williams ponders the future of wine post-Covid.

The Global Times highlights the aromatic nature of high-altitude Bolivian wines.

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  1. Fires have become common and an ever increasing issue. Keep up the informative pieces. As a somm, I am always up for reading more. If you are ever in Sonoma CA, look me and my wine touring business up! Cheers. https://www.vinesofsonoma.com