Daily Wine News: Wine Glass Tariffs?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-06-2021

Are wine tariffs going to be replaced by wine glass tariffs? Alder Yarrow takes a look. “This time, thankfully, wine isn’t on the list of items to be taxed, but wine glasses are. Specifically, every expensive ($5 wholesale cost or more) wine glass made in Austria. That means Riedel, Zalto, MarkThomas, Gabriel-Glas, Sophienwald, and more would all get 25% more expensive if the proposed trade action goes into effect.”

“When the massive container ship Ever Given managed to wedge itself sideways in the Suez Canal on March 23, blocking traffic for nearly a week, it provided a fitting symbol for the state of global shipping in the past year.” In Wine Spectator, Collin Drezien reports on how shipping delays are affecting imported wines.

In VinePair, Tamara Gane explores the sustainability goals of Napa Green. “Between the two certifications, Napa Green works with individual wineries and vineyards to develop customized plans for sustainability all the way from soil to bottle. The program is not one size fits all. Instead, it takes into account participants’ current practices in order to set ambitious yet tangible goals for improvement.”

“Jackson Family Wines, the ninth largest wine company in the US, filed a lawsuit last month accusing Gallo, the world’s largest wine company, of infringing on Jackson Family’s copyright for La Crema with a new Gallo wine called Cask & Cream,” reports W. Blake Gray in Wine-Searcher.

“There are many things amiss in the nation’s wine scene.” In Wine Enthusiast, Sean P. Sullivan proposes six fixes to American wine.

In Eater, Noelle Allen on why it’s an exciting time to be a wine drinker in Philly.

In the Robb Report, Sara L. Schneider looks at the Bordeaux 2020 vintage.

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