Daily Wine News: Sexual Assault Allegations in Sonoma County

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-09-2021

Dominic Foppoli.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on allegations of sexual assault against Dominic Foppoli, mayor of the Sonoma County town of Windsor and owner of Christopher Creek Winery. Wine critic Esther Mobley explains why it matters: “For anyone who follows California wine or local Wine Country politics, this is essential reading. It’s not just about one alleged bad actor. It’s about a system that allows bad behavior to occur and go unpunished—where an alleged rapist can not only wield influence through his businesses, but can also gain political power.”

In Eater, sommelier Bianca Sanon on why it’s time to rethink wine pairings. “Here’s an important thing to know: Most wines will taste pretty okay with most foods. So often people ask for a pairing suggestion to avoid the “wrong” wine that makes their food somehow inedible — that is actually pretty rare. Most wines will not turn your meal into an inedible mess.”

This week, winemakers from Bordeaux to Burgundy lit candles and even launched helicopters to help protect the young 2021 vintage from plunging temperatures, but there have been already been reports of severe damage to some vineyards, reports Chris Mercer in Decanter.

Bruce Sanderson also shares reports of frost damage in vineyards across France in Wine Spectator.

In Wine Enthusiast, Mekita Rivas talks to Texas winemakers about how they’re feeling after the statewide freeze. “Resiliency is nonnegotiable as a Texas winemaker. Varying microclimates, soils and topography can make grape growing especially challenging. Spring freezes and hail storms are added stresses that can plague the region and keep winemakers up at night. Still, many grape varieties do well in the heat of the Texas Hill Country…”

Also in Wine Enthusiast, Sarah E. Daniels writes about Sour Grapes, the documentary about Rudy K.

In Forbes, Amanda Schuster highlights five bottles that showcase the exciting winemaking happening in New Zealand.

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