Daily Wine News: Regional Terroir

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-29-2021

Grapevine rootstock. (Photo source: Wiemer)

In Wine Enthusiast, Kathleen Willcox explores how wineries and local nurseries shape regional terroir. “Increasingly, winemakers try to source ingredients from closer to home in a bid, they say, to create more authentic and delicious wines. Their reasons are many, and range from concerns over the spread of pests and disease, to logistics and a desire to develop their region’s terroir… Winemakers also see an opportunity to shape the future of their regions through unofficial, but highly effective, partnerships with local nurseries on experimental plantings.”

Jamie Goode ponders the ways in which the industry uses place to sell wine, and why sometimes we shouldn’t do it. “For fine wine, like many, I’m a firm believer in wines being sold by place. At the bottom end, less so. Here, the brand promise (the place as a collective brand) often fails. It is a hollow promise: the wines can be perfectly good, but they simply don’t taste of place. Nor should they have to.”

Debbie Gordon dives into the regenerative agriculture happening at Tablas Creek Vineyard.

In Wine Spectator, Shawn Zylberberg reports on the comparative tasting of space-aged and land-aged 2000 Pétrus.

In Bloomberg, Angus Whitley looks at how Australian wine consumption in China has dropped dramatically after the government impost tariffs of more than 200% last year.

In Club Oenologique, Adam Lechmere talks to Peter Vinding-Diers, one of the first flying winemakers, about yeast, dogma, and the dangers of a university education.

Victoria Flexner profiles California winemaker Katy Wilson.

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