Daily Wine News: Wine Influencers Rise

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-03-2021

In Club Oenologique, Adam Lechmere looks at wine influencers’ rise to prominence and how they’ve shaken up the old guard. “What the new writers and communicators show very clearly is that the traditional audience for “serious” wine writing has been ill-served for years. The new generation is just better and more generous at communicating – because the old generation never had to bother. If you were a wine collector, you didn’t read about wine, you just spoke to your merchant. So wine writers tended to either academic (think Michael Broadbent with his endless red notebooks) or deliberately iconoclastic…”

In the Buyer, Sumita Sarma shares her story of being an “outsider” in the wine world, and suggests ways in which the industry can change to become proud, rather than ashamed, of how diverse and inclusive it is.

In VinePair, Rich Manning considers how February’s massive Texas storm will impact the state’s wine industry.

In Wine Enthusiast, Jamie Goode explains the differences between dry farming and irrigation.

In Wine & Spirits Magazine, Joshua Greene talks with Carla Rzeszewski and Richard Betts about their Barossa Valley wine.

In Vinous, Rebecca Gibb makes the case for New Zealand reds.

On JancisRobinson.com, Max Allen considers what’s ahead for the Australian wine industry now that China has effective banned imports of the country’s wines. Until the ban, China was worth 40% of all exports. (subscription req.)

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