Daily Wine News: Soil Success

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-02-2021

In Wine Enthusiast, Michelle Williams explores the role soil microbes play in wine. “Success is less about a single farming practice—conventional, sustainable, organic, biodynamic—and more about how it’s implemented. Successful viticulture requires producers to think like nature. To create balance in and around the vineyard promotes a healthy soil biome and produces better fruit.”

More than 20 years in the making, wines under the new Bourgogne Côte d’Or geographic denomination have hit the market. But will another layer of Burgundy add clarity or confusion? Michelle Williams ponders the answer in Wine-Searcher.

In Whetstone Magazine, Nam Cheah explores the history of vineyards in Southern Vietnam. “While the wines can’t compare to those from Napa and Tuscany, the country’s history from the French occupation era combined with its own Vietnamese grape beverage heritage lends a unique flair to the Vietnamese wine.”

Nearly 70% of Sonoma County’s estimated agricultural and production workers have already been vaccinated. “…the program has already vaccinated and scheduled vaccination appointments for more than 8,300 essential workers from Sonoma County’s agriculture, vineyard, food, and winery sectors.”

Grape Collective shares the results of a study on women’s ownership of wineries in California.

In the Drinks Business, a look at the relationship between yeast and the production of flavors and aromas in sake and other alcoholic beverages.

In Wine Spectator, Robert Camuto meets Antonio Caggiano, a southern Italian wine icon and “Taurasi’s Renaissance man.”

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