Daily Wine News: Banish the Aerators

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-30-2021

“Wine aerators are a scourge on the face of the wine industry and a complete and utter waste of money,” says Alder Yarrow. “There is no single product (OK, maybe the Clef du Vin or the OMNE wand ) that is more useless, overpriced, and just plain irrelevant in the wine industry than any one of the hundreds of different wine aeration devices that have been “invented” to help wine lovers enjoy their wines more.”

In Club Oenologique, Adam Lechmere looks at worldwide efforts to ensure a more diverse wine industry. “These diversity scholarships are a drop in the ocean (how on earth can a couple of million quid change anything?), but they are a start… It’s going to take more than an auction or two to dismantle a system that has endured for generations. But revolutions are often started by people who see things in quite simple terms.”

In Wine Enthusiast, sommelier Terence Lane on how working a harvest gave him a new appreciation for wine and hospitality.

“Is wine really wine if it doesn’t possess the potential to alter our perspective via the alcohol…if the inherent risk in drinking wine (or any alcohol) does not exist?” Tom Wark considers non-alcoholic wine.

How good is canned wine? Ellie Douglas samples many of them for Decanter.

The Bordeaux 2020 vintage is ripe for investors, reports W. Blake Gray in Wine-Searcher.

For subscribers, Jancis Robinson offers notes on Coteaux Champenois and poses the question: Can Champagne make good still wine?

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