Daily Wine News: Regeneration

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-09-2021

In Civil Eats, Annelise Jolley reports on the grape growers committed to regenerating and conserving California’s biodiversity. “Grapevines cover 635,000 acres in California—nearly double the size of the crop in the state in 1990. Given this scale, a commitment to growing grapes to boost biodiversity can produce a number of environmental benefits, as threats to the land—including urbanization, clearing, and climate change—intensify.”

In TRINK, Susan H. Gordon considers the importance of cooperation (and co-ops) in Alto Adige.

In Wine Enthusiast, Rebecca Toy delves into the story about how Saint Valentine (sort of) saved French wine.

In Grape Collective, Lisa Denning looks at the impact of biodynamic winemakers in Alsace.

In the Buyer, Simon Woolf shares the ups, downs, and other realities of wine book publishing.

Tom Wark offers his thoughts on “the deception and duplicity necessary to defend the three-tier system.”

In the Daily Beast, Victoria James talks to New York sommelier Madeline Maldonado about dealing with hurricanes, racism and now a pandemic.

On the blog for First Vine, Tom Natan tastes an old bottle of Cognac and reflects on old standards—lead bottle foil!—and cherishes old memories of a lost relative.

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