Daily Wine News: Monopolies

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In Wine-Searcher, Natalie Sellers considers the pros and cons of wine monopolies. “Any reasonable cynic will conclude that the real reason alcohol monopolies prevail, moralistic concerns for public health aside, is that they are often – although not always – lovely little money spinners for states, governments and councils the world over as well as giving the powers that be copious amounts of control. Arguably, it is the consumer who pays the ultimate price for business monopolies, particularly when it comes to booze.”

Wine Opinions conducted surveys at the end of 2020 to measure the impact of personal financial conditions. Read the results—and their implications for the wine industry—here.

Wine sales have spiked at convenience stores, reports W. Blake Gray on WineBusiness.com. “Growing this market might be a simple matter of convincing more independent convenience stores to give wine a try.”

Chemical analysis of Malbec wines from more than 20 vineyard sites in Mendoza has shown how terroir exerts its influence across different vintages, says a new study. Chris Mercer has the details in Decanter.

In Wine Enthusiast, Lawrence Grabowski considers how Russia helped shape Champagne.

In SevenFifty Daily, Daniel Ng tracks the career transitions of three somms.

The Robb Report highlights the excellence of Oregon sparkling wines in advance of Valentine’s Day.

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