Daily Wine News: Contains Sulfites

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-27-2021

In Wine Enthusiast, Maria Hunt looks at how wine drinkers came to be so concerned about sulfites in wine. “Sulfites are trendy right now, just like malolactic fermentation was in the 1990s.”

Do wine companies gain or lose by being vocal on social and political issues? Tom Wark looks at the pros and cons of speaking out as a wine brand.

Champagne shipments were down 18% in 2020, the Comité Champagne confirms.

On Tim Atkin’s site, Robert Joseph ponders the merits of passion in a winemaker. “To be blunt, what matters most to me is not how you feel, but what you deliver. I’d prefer to drink a delicious wine skilfully produced by someone who’d rather be playing tennis for a living than an unpalatably faulty one from a self-taught enthusiast – like my first experience of Frank Cornelissen’s Contadino. When I need someone to unblock my drains, I pick the proficient plumber over the passionate apprentice.”

On his Do Bianchi blog, Jeremy Parzen looks at how the Italian government collapse is exacerbating wine industry troubles. “For Italian winemakers, many of whom are relying on domestic sales to keep their businesses afloat as exports have dropped precipitously, the political infighting couldn’t come at a worse moment… For small-scale growers, the government collapse only exacerbates the economic pain felt across the nation. Tasting room closures and restrictions had already shut off one of their main sales channels. And now, with the government on hold, there is little hope that the restrictions will be lifted in the near future.”

In Vinous, Eric Guido delves into the wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia. “It’s difficult to imagine the real dynamic of Friuli Venezia Giulia, its terroir and its people without looking at a map. The region, a melting pot of Austrian, Slovenian and Italian heritage, is also a blending of climatic influences and topography that creates a number of unique wine-producing areas, as well as a large selection of grape varieties that excel within each of them.”

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