Daily Wine News: Armenia’s Wine-Drinking Renaissance

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-08-2021

Vineyards of Artashat in Armenia (Wikimedia)

In the Week, Andrew Connelly reports on how Armenian winemakers are working toward recovery after war. “Armenia has one of the world’s oldest wine industries — archaeologists have unearthed fragments of jugs and presses dating back more than 6,000 years. But the country’s turbulent history has held it back from becoming a Napa Valley of the Caucasus… But in the last decade, Armenia has experienced a wine-drinking renaissance.”

On Wine Anorak, Jamie Goode offers a study of Zweigelt, and asks: Is Austria’s “Merlot” capable of greatness?

In PUNCH, Miguel de Leon highlights Mary Taylor’s collection of natural wines. “Taylor wants to make noise in the industry’s “boys clubs,” right down to the labels, which stand intently opposed to the natural wine scene’s obsession with surreal, abstract label art—a genre I call “My Kid’s Drawings That Should Have Stayed on the Fridge”—and its tendency to focus on atypical varieties and emergent regions. Her labels are meant to evoke steadfast tradition and an easygoing classicism, and the wines themselves impart an attitude of “you should know this.””

In Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss charts the rise of Pinot Noir in an “ocean of Sauvignon Blanc” in Sancerre. “These wines are succulent in rich black cherry tones, lifted by acidity that comes from picking the grapes at just the right moment, and not from under-ripeness. They show all that effort put into growing Pinot Noir in the chalk soils of Sancerre was worth it—that there was a logic to putting the red vines among the ocean of Sauvignon Blanc.”

In Grape Collective, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher are optimistic about what’s to come for wine in 2021.

Cameron Hughes has done something unthinkable—made fine wine private labels and reinvented how consumers buy wine. In Meininger’s, Jeff Siegel explores the story.

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