Daily Wine News: Out-of-Work Somms

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“It’s been more than seven months since hospitality businesses initially shuttered due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. While many restaurants have since reopened, thousands of wine professionals remain out of work. They do not expect to return to their pre-pandemic positions any time soon.” In Wine Enthusiast, Daniel Majid Mirzakhani explores how sommeliers are faring with a grim job market.

Also in Wine Enthusiast, J’nai Gaither talks to members of the industry about the sexual scandal that has roiled the Court of Master Sommeliers, including women Master Sommeliers who have resigned from the Court.

“The country’s most prominent women sommeliers are demanding action in response to recent sexual misconduct allegations against their male colleagues,” reports Esther Mobley in the San Francisco Chronicle. “These women say that the Napa-based Court of Master Sommeliers — the most prestigious professional group for sommeliers in the nation, and one that they belong to — needs to make some big changes in order to earn back the trust of women who claim that male master sommeliers sexually harassed or assaulted them.”

Jancis Robinson explores a range of new-wave Grenache. “Reds no longer need to be dark to be admired, which has opened the door for Garnacha/Grenache that is relatively transparent but fresh and sweet with floral aromas – often of roses – a sort of less-expensive alternative to delicate red burgundy.”

In VinePair, Tish Wiggins explores Texas Tempranillo. “The aromas and flavors of Texas Tempranillo mirror those of the Spanish versions. The abundance of sunshine and hot summers in Texas typically result in notes of lush, dark red fruits, along with vanilla, fresh tobacco leaves, and leather.”

In Vinous, David Schildknecht offers his notes on Mosel 2018. “It’s the rare wine among Mosel Rieslings of 2018 – a generally forthcoming, even effusive bunch – that seems to demand cellaring, and then usually only because a surfeit of sweetness is among a given wine’s generous-to-a-fault characteristics.”

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