Daily Wine News: Fine Rioja?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-17-2020

Rioja terroir.

Why isn’t Rioja considered a fine wine? It’s one of the world’s most rewarding wine regions, capable of profound, ageworthy bottlings. Yet too many people dismiss it as a good-value glugger, argues Tim Atkin in Club Oenologique.

On Tim Atkin’s site, John Atkinson explores what climate change means for Pinot Noir and Burgundy. “If Burgundy’s immense influence belies its size – the framing and separation of vineyards; small production; the use of ‘Burgundian’ as an endorsement; terroirs composed entirely of externalities – then it is because desire seeks to reproduce the conditions (and language) it most closely associates with sublime experience, even if these conditions guarantee nothing. Not even good copies.

In Meininger’s, Rebecca Gibb looks at the issue of cultural appropriation in wine marketing in New Zealand.

In Wine Enthusiast, Sean P. Sullivan highlights the handful of producers redefining Washington wine.

In VinePair, Sophia Bennett checks in on Idaho wine. “Idaho produces a relatively small quantity of wine — around 160,000 cases a year — which is less than some Napa Valley wineries crank out. And there’s a long-held belief that the quality of Idaho’s wine isn’t up to par. But all of that is starting to change.”

Rootstocks are an integral and influential part of grape vines, so why don’t we hear more about them? In Decanter, professor Alex Maltman delves into their history and looks at worrying future trends.

In Vinous, David Schildknecht explores the “revelatory Rieslings” from Rheinhessen’s 2018 vintage.

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