Daily Wine News: Pondering Napa

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(Source: Visit Napa Valley)

“Economic reports done for Napa Valley Vintners over the past decade have estimated that agriculture, wine and related activities account directly and indirectly for two-thirds of the county’s full-time jobs,” writes Barry Eberling in the Napa Valley Register. “That’s something to celebrate or worry about—or both.”

For Club Oenologique, Alder Yarrow wonders how Napa Valley can survive intact after facing the reality of an annual wildfire season.

When Italian winemaker Valentina Passalacqua became embroiled in controversy, her former supporters quickly turned their backs. In Meininger’s, Simon Woolf investigates, and says it’s the natural wine world that needs to answer some questions.

In Wine-Searcher, Margaret Rand considers the impact of irrigation on terroir in a world where drought is an increading threat to architecture. “The argument about irrigation is an argument about terroir. It may be expressed as an argument over flavors, but it’s about terroir, and what a proper expression of terroir should be. Winemakers are both the best people to ask about that, and the worst.”

Also in Wine-Searcher, Tom Jarvis recalls how Oz Clarke’s 1991 book, New Classic Wines, guided him into the wine trade, and looks at how the book has aged.

“Why wait for someone to die to celebrate their life? Why not beat the drum while their heart is still beating some of that fine red Italian blood?” says Alfonso Cevola on his blog. “Which brings us to a figure whose life in Abruzzo has most definitely left its mark for the better. That person is celebrating his 90th birthday, Dino Illuminati.”

VinePair explains the three-tier system and why you can’t get some wines or craft spirits shipped to certain states.

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