Daily Wine News: The Magic of Age

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“There is an element of magic in wine ageing. We know, when we buy a top Riesling from a great German vineyard, that it could probably outlive us. We buy this aura of glamour with the wine, an extra dimension of time that shimmers, tantalizingly, always out of reach. It’s difficult to know which is the more seductive, the aura of the past or the aura of the yet-to-come. Drinking a wine while it’s still improving can be more exciting than drinking it at its peak; perversely, there can be a faint sense of anti-climax about a wine which is unlikely to improve further.  It’s a bit like climbing a high and steep hill: you exclaim over each new view as you climb, but when you get to the top there’s not always that much difference.” On Tim Atkin’s site, Margarent Rand ponders the magic of aging wines.

Emily Monaco reports on the many forces upending the 2020 Champagne harvest in Wine Enthusiast. “Underscoring these shifts, the 2020 Champagne harvest began on August 17. Fifty years ago, it opened on September 27.”

The blockbuster wines that line supermarket aisles have an important role to play in the wine industry, says Robert Joseph in Meininger’s.

On JancisRobinson.com, Walter Speller reflects on the life of Diego Planeta, the giant of Sicilian wine. “Thanks to his guidance and intuition, today, in this strip of coast of Sicily, there is a unique story to tell, made up of men, vineyards and ideas.”

Grape Collective explores California’s next generation of leading women winemakers.

In Reuters, Karl Plume reports on the impact of wildfires on West Coast vineyards.

Mike Veseth, the wine economist, reviews three recently released wine books that approach global wine from very different perspectives.

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