Daily Wine News: Northeastern Bubbly

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Unbound by preconception, the Northeast’s embrace of hybrid grapes has introduced a fearless new frontier in American wine, says Zachary Sussman in PUNCH. “From New York’s Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions to Maryland, Vermont and even Maine, a small but growing band of winemakers has embraced hybrids with the respect traditionally reserved for vinifera grapes. In the process, they’re adding a whole new frontier to the U.S. wine scene that pulls from every page of the postmodern playbook.”

In Decanter, Elin McCoy reflects on lockdown and ponders the many ways wine is woven into the lives and memories of so many people. “Every wine is a wider story of workers and owners, labor and vision, sustainability and the environment, soil and geology, and the state of society, and puts us in touch with nature and the earth, reminding us that we are responsible for preserving it.”

Evan Rail delves into the media’s love affair with “healthy” alcohol in Wine Enthusiast.

“Deciding what to drink when you eat needs to be less about precision and more about pleasure,” says Alder Yarrow. “More about you and who you are eating with, and less about what someone else says is the right pairing or a set of principles about acidity and sweetness that you read in a book.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague looks at how sommeliers are considering their options and in some cases changing careers as the world of fine dining undergoes seismic shifts in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. (subscription req.)

Joseph V. Micallef consider’s Viognier’s future in Oregon in Forbes.

In the Financial Times, Alice Lascelles highlights a handful of California winemakers.

“Winemaking hasn’t been on the radar for national policies addressing global warming, and I can’t imagine it will be a driver for new economic relief now, either,” says Tom Natan on the blog for First Vine. But if it was, here’s the wish list of what he’d ask for as part of a Covid-19 crisis response plan for wine businesses.

In Wine Spectator, Suzanne Mustacich reports on the couple of Bordeaux winemakers who are looking to Provence for their next projects.

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