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“Historically, it has not been the industry’s default position to speak about political things. It prioritizes the marketability of a particular winemaker’s point-of-view, or the low-key-but-significant endorsement from a media personality. It prizes provocative, eye-catching labels and bottle rarity. However, what we’re seeing now and can’t ignore is the industry’s complicity as it continues to suppress othered voices, distance marginalized populations and shame victims and survivors of abuse.” In PUNCH, sommelier Miguel de Leon launches a new series exploring where humanity interests with the story of modern wine.

The real threat to wine sales is being ignored, says Rob McMillan.

In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph considers how much space and money could be if wine bottles were square instead of round. “When I’ve sought to discover why the wine industry has been so slow to explore alternative bottle shapes, I’ve been told that it would involve contravening appellation laws (almost never the case); it would cost too much (which would depend on the number of bottles and the retail price); and that consumers ‘just don’t want it’.  I’m sure this last assertion is true. Just as they famously didn’t ‘want’ a car before Henry Ford offered them one, or a way to carry their record collection around with them until Steve Jobs gave them the iPod.”

In SevenFifty Daily, Mark Stock looks at how Washington’s Walla Walla Valley is dealing with phylloxera for the first time.

With government land grabs, falling tourism, and no domestic sales, South African wineries are facing a bleak future. James Lawrence reports on how the country’s wine industry is suffering in Wine-Searcher.

Neal Martin offers his impressions of the 2016 Bordeaux vintage in Vinous.

“The Vacheron family, owners of Le Clos du Caillou, have purchased the 33-acre Domaine de Panisse in Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the Olivier family,” reports Suzanne Mustacich in Wine Spectator.

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