Daily Wine News: Reactions & Responses to Clean Wine

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“The claims are a hoax at worst and ignorant at best. Avaline is no more “clean” than the average bottle of wine you’d find on a grocery store shelf and no more “natural” than the Cabernets that stain your tongue.” The San Francisco Chronicle’s Esther Mobley reacts to Cameron Diaz’s new “clean” and “transparent” wine brand.

On his blog, W. Blake Gray pens a defense of Diaz’s “clean wine” brand. “The point is not that Avaline wine is a scam. It might be. The point is that there is a market for a wine like Avaline, and the wine industry on the whole is not filling it, so Cameron Diaz can step right in.”

Dwight Furrow looks at the “clean wine” phenomenon and the problem with commercial wines.

Elsewhere in the Chronicle, Danielle Echeverria reports that coronavirus cases are rising in cramped farmworker housing.

In Wine Spectator, Aaron Romano reports on how California wineries are adapting as Covid-19 cases spike, forcing them to close their indoor dining and tasting rooms.

Vicki Denig looks at why some European winemakers choose to declassify their wines in VinePair.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague explores the category of easygoing wines. (subscription req.)

Peter Mitham shares consumer wine buying trends for June on WineBusiness.com.

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  1. “Clean” food is racism.