Daily Wine News: Inevitable, Problematic

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-29-2020

“In many cases, these “clean wine” brands are peddling false narratives, advertising low calorie counts when the wines have perfectly average-for-wine calorie counts, or implying that they’re sourced from artisanal family winegrowers when they’re actually industrially produced.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley considers natural wine’s inevitable, problematic entry into the wellness industry. “But the truth is, natural wine has been vulnerable to these sorts of copycat attacks for a long time. In fact, natural wine may have even invited them.”

Mobley also reports that Napa’s Foley-Johnson Winery has closed temporarily after a worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Rémy Charest considers the future of trade tastings in SevenFifty Daily. “Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, large drinks industry tastings are fraught with public health risk. It’s actually hard to imagine a less safe activity than hundreds or even thousands of people talking loudly to each other in close proximity in enclosed spaces, after swirling and spitting liquids into shared spittoons.”

With traditional sales channels hit by Covid, Bordeaux producers are thinking the unthinkable— direct to consumer sales, reports James Lawrence in Wine-Searcher.

This summer, Bordeaux wine mecca Cité du Vin is promoting wine education with free passes to under-18s, and smaller wineries are welcoming “enfant somms” as well. In Wine Spectator, Emmalyse Brownstein reports on how the museum is working to cultivate young oenophiles.

In Meininger’s, Ilka Lindemann delves into the history of Schloss Johannisberg, “the birthplace of Riesling.”

In VinePair, Shana Clarke explores why Cabernet Franc is on the rise in Napa.

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