Daily Wine News: French Wine Market

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-28-2020

Between the coronavirus and the Trump tariffs, the French wine market has collapsed. Winemakers are—sadly—sending their excess product off to distillers, where it will be transformed into hand sanitizer, learns Adam Nossiter in the New York Times. “In Alsace alone, over six million liters of wine, or about 1.5 million gallons, will end up like this.”

In Mother Jones, Will Peischel reports on how the George Floyd protests have catalyzed a racial reckoning in California’s vineyards. “Even UC Davis, the most diverse of the schools offering notable wine programs, is only 4 percent African American. Those universities host a greater share of Latinx students… The whiteness of these programs is not surprising when you consider the racially biased history of wine advertising. Wine is seen as a luxury product, which means the primary focus for marketers are the white and wealthy.”

California sparkling wine innovator Barry Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards has died at 90. Esther Mobley shares an obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle, and Aaron Romano looks back on Sterling’s impact in Wine Spectator.

A study has revealed the genome sequence for phylloxera and records how the aphid-like insect, which caused widespread devastation in vineyards in the 19th century, spread from the US to Europe and further afield.

Deborah Parker Wong explores the alpine Sauvignon Blancs of Austria’s Styria region.

In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox explores how restaurants, stores and producers need to pivot from short- to long-term thinking to survive during the Covid era.

Will coronavirus kill of South Africa’s wine industry? Susan Low considers the answer in Forbes.

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