Daily Wine News: Alpine Mendocino

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(Source: Rootdown Cellars)

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley reports on winemakers in Mendocino County making Alpine-style wines. “Do these developments run the risk of looking faddish? Sure. In recent years Alpine wines have become darlings of sommeliers, celebrated on hip restaurant wine lists. But could they fall out of favor with the hipster set just as quickly? Is it worth years of toil and financial expense that these three winemakers are committing? They say yes…”

In Wine Enthusiast, Brad Japhe explores the role of the garagiste in today’s wine culture. “Garagistes are not uniquely, or even originally, American. Still, their philosophy is particularly amenable to the New World, where winemakers are unencumbered by centuries of tradition and rule-breaking gets romanticized in the retelling.”

In VinePair, Shana Clarke reports on a new winemaking technology called flash détente that is catching on.“It’s a fairly simple process: Fruit is crushed and de-stemmed, then pumped into the flash détente machine. That mash is heated for about three minutes to a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then pumped into a vacuum chamber, where it is rapidly cooled. It’s in this vacuum process where the magic happens; the cell structure of the grape explodes, releasing tannins and color compounds. Ten percent of water is also removed, resulting in more concentrated flavors.”

“It is time for the wine industry to stop taking safe stances in order to keep its primarily white audience comfortable.” In the Guardian, Fiona Beckett talks to black wine professionals about the growing demand and desire for representation from black consumers.

In the Robb Report, Sara L. Schneider on why the 2019 vintage of Bordeaux is shaping up to be an incredible value.

Stony Brook University chats with alum Alice Feiring about her journey in wine and writing.

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