Daily Wine News: A Few Words for Celebrity Winemakers

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-23-2020

In Esquire, sommelier Victoria James has a message for celebrities-turned-winemakers. “Do the research. Partner with small businesses, farmers, sommeliers who champion quality, rather than people out to make a quick buck off your name. I know that many of you have good hearts and only the best of intentions in choosing a creative—and complicated—venture such as wine. Please, make wines that we are all proud to drink.”

“Across the U.S., wine retailers are mobilizing their customer base and trade networks in an effort to raise awareness of how potentially increased and expanded tariffs on European wines could — literally — decimate their ranks. “ Yet, says Jeremy Parzen on his Do Bianchi blog, most Americans don’t care about wine tariffs.

Ravenswood founding winemaker Joel Peterson talks to Wine Spectator’s Tim Fish about the winery’s uncertain future. “When I queried Constellation and Gallo about the state of Ravenswood, each company told me to talk to the other. Neither seemed to know whether grapes were harvested or wines made in 2019. Ultimately, both declined comment, citing FTC rules that prohibit it until the sale is finalized.”

In the Buyer, Richard Siddle profiles Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery’s Meaghan Frank, the fourth generation of the Frank family that first came to the United States from Ukraine in 1951.

Ruinart has launched an eco-friendly alternative to the Champagne gift box—a 100% recyclable “second skin” case—after two years of research and development, reports Amy Wislocki in Decanter.

In the Drinks Business, Lucy Shaw looks at pink wine’s revolution, and how it’s gone from a frivolous tipple to a wildly popular celeb-backed drink.

Wine advertising is lacking in humor, says Robert Joseph in Meiniger’s, who thinks it’s time that marketers lightened up.

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