Daily Wine News: Representation Matters

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-23-2020

Jancis Robinson says it’s time for the wine industry’s black talent to get the recognition they deserve. “By far the most common place to find a person of colour working in wine is in a South African vineyard earning a pittance. But an increasing number of seriously talented Black individuals are, at last, occupying considerably higher positions in wine. They deserve to be given far more prominence, and on a long-term basis. Not least because of the hurdles they have had to overcome in the overwhelmingly white world of wine.”

“When the tariffs were reviewed in February 2020, U.S. businesses were relieved to find that, while they remained in place, their rate was not increased to 100 percent, as might have been possible,” reports Tim McKirdy in VinePair. “The tariffs are now set for another round of reviews and the threat of 100 percent tariffs once again looms large over U.S. importers, distributors, retailers, and on-premise operators.”

Big wine has been muscling independents out for years in the world’s largest wine market. Covid-19 has only exacerbated the trend. In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox assesses the uncertain future for smaller wineries post-Covid.

Amber LeBeau details how to not respond to a guest’s concerns about Covid. “Even with all the headaches and hassles that COVID has tossed on our laps, the very last thing that any wine business should do is to lose sight of basic customer service.”

PIWIs, or fungus-resistant grapes, are emerging as an alternative to classic grape varieties. But they’re not problem free. Simon Woolf explores the issues in Meininger’s.

In Wine Spectator, Jean-Charles Cazes—owner of Bordeaux’s Lynch Bages and Haut-Batailley—discusses the 2019 futures campaign, a new winery and more.

Elsewhere in Wine Spectator, Donae Burston gets candid about his new rosé from St.-Tropez, giving back to low-income youth, and how the wine community can do better on racial inclusivity

In Wine Enthusiast, Kelly A. Magyarics offers tips on how to pursue a career as a vineyard manager.

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