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“Whether writers, sommeliers, retailers, farmers or winemakers, black people in the wine world face a barrage of slights, whether small, possibly unconscious hostilities or overt racism. As a result, getting ahead requires a constant, fatiguing effort to pull against the friction of discrimination that slows what for whites would be a natural career progression.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov speaks with nine black wine professionals “with the hope that their shared experiences might result in a deeper conversation and understanding among their peers in the wine world.”

“I got into wine because of its ability to connect people. We share bottles, we share stories, we share our vulnerability and ourselves. I connect with wine in a similar way that allyship and advocacy leads me to connect with my own and others’ humanity. Structures that aim to keep people like me away from this space don’t get the point of why wine exists.” In PUNCH, sommelier Miguel de Leon explains why it’s time to decolonize wine.

Robert M. Parker Jr. is this year’s Decanter Hall of Fame laureate. Andrew Jefford looks back on his legacy. “Robert Parker is the only rock star the wine world has ever produced. By that metaphor I mean a figure whose reach and influence is global, and whose name had a resonance beyond the confines of wine traders, enthusiasts, geeks and nerds.  He not only expanded that circle of enthusiasm colossally, but he altered and lifted the aesthetic parameters of what was possible in every wine-producing region around the world.”

Alder Yarrow explores the wines of Edmunds St. John. “Edmunds is notable, even venerable as a pioneer of California wine. But what makes him truly remarkable is the unswerving consistency of his winemaking vision. Edmunds St. John wines have always had a presence to them, a direction in which they are clearly headed. What they might seem to lack in flash (to some), they more than make up for in simply consistent deliciousness.”

It’s been 15 years since the US Supreme Court voted to allow interstate wine sales. Yet out-of-state commerce is still stuck. Jeff Siegel asks why in Meininger’s.

In Wine-Searcher, W. Blake Gray shares how Jesse Katz has endured opening a winery in the face of the pandemic.

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